This 15 minutes of slowly-unfolding, guitar-driven post-rock achieves that rare (but coveted) feel of a true dramatic/cinematic event via distinct movements.

Turing EP Review by EXTRA! Music Magazine ( Ita )

TURING HAVE FACES onindies-way:

Turing - The Complete shooting on

Photo by Claudia Delicato

Make-Up Arianna Saura

Music Video by Turing performing “Sull’ Orlo”. from TURING EP 2012

Special thanks to Remyyy for his amazing images

Editor- Alès Malàgh

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Turing EP finally out now !

Recorded at “Casa Musica” by Giorgio Amendolara e Gianni del Popolo (Summer 2012)
mixed and mastered by Mauro Polito (Autumn 2012)

thanks to Giorgio Mauro and Arianna Samassimo (graphics and illustrations)

Released on 25 Dec. 2012

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"You needed exceptional talent, you needed genius at Bletchley and Turing’s was that genius."

Pensatore, scienziato, filosofo, eroe, di guerra e infine condannato per la propria omosessualità, dedicò la vita a studiare la mente umana attraverso “macchine pensanti” e fu costretto al suicidio da uomini senza pensieri.


Turing crede che le macchine pensino. Turing giace con gli uomini. Di conseguenza le macchine non sanno pensare”.  Alan Mathison Turing